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I hope you guys enjoyed the year's post on books. There was Chinese Cinderella Story(Memoir,Auto-), Dynamic of Dress (A history book), Forms most Beautiful (Science Book), Monkey Bridge (An Extra Credit Book) and finally Survival of the Prettiest (A non-fiction book).

--. It was pretty fun having to do this :D Please have a great time looking aorund and if there's any questions of comments, leave one below. Or email me at Thanks Alot!!

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Survival of the Prettiest
Science Of Beauty

Nancy Etcoff

1- The ending was a closed conclusion, the ancient ideas about beauty is non-stop. Here Etcoff re-explains the meaning of beauty and so so. She also reacts to her own opinions, in her arugement that there is beauty above and beyond to what usual exists today. There are also laws that have passed which enforces to use some of the clothing that are not comfort for others to see. To her telling people not to take pleasure in their beauty is like havign them not to enjoy food, novelty or love. It's seems that to her (AND ME) beauty and fashion is a big deal in her life. hough not everyone can be satifised at the same time, having the exact beauty on their apperance, there's always the beauty within that also counts.
2- Most of the time people also just signals or emit (a vocab word in class) themselves that they are either not interest or avaiable. The use of the body language is a big type of beauty that humans and other living things bring out to show their personality. There are some times, when the other opponent invited themselves into the bubble of the person who want to left alone. It's an way to attract the opposite sex but at the same time it's a way to concentrate on the attention set by the person who's intruding.
3-Voice is also a big thing! ( which i think so too cause.....ehh). When you see the most beautiful person ever, but once they open their mouth, the voice just doomed your ears. OF COURSE, you can not say no, that it was a bit of a turn off. I mean not everyone have this type of situation but it's not impossible. To have soemthing voice be so disturbing is not a very attractive thing. That's why voice and posture and what you say can be clarafied into the beauty section.
2- So cultivating beauty takes time, money and some time drain all your emotions out, when you're so frustrated on how your hair doesn't look like the way you want it or your outfit doesn't fit with your body or just plain unsatisfied with somehting on your body. It happens often and i'm sure everyone has gone in that phase. I mean I have a bunch!( i will go through it later wehn i dress up to leave for work xD ). Anyhow women look after themselves too much that they start to recosider their apperance to others and this is when beauty goes bad.
1-It's a total that many women in all ages want to by pass as a "teenager" and wants to be sexually attractive to men. Everyone worships the youthful look. Everyone will continue to reveal the way to have the youthful looks even though many know it's inevietable to look as a teenager when you're like 50? I mean it's not a bad thing but people should just reconsider it themselves and accept it. ( I might sound like a hipicrite that it might happen to me, but I'm sure I would go crazy over it. As long as i'm happy there's no need to compete with the youngs ones.)

** Closing of the book was very good!! "We cannot wait for beauty, we must bring it forth!!" --Pg245.

4*Questions (LAST 4 QUESTIONS!!) :
4- How do people try to get younger? Dress like them? Put on makeup.. it's not much of a difference will it?
3-Is Voice a gene that is passed on by the parents also? I mean I never heard someone with a REALLY REALLY bad voice but I know it's out there somewhere.
2-Even if we do wait for beauty....isn't it possible to accept the fact that the baeuty could come within yourself and not the know?
1-I'm running out of questions... Uhmmm What are some of the thigns humans do to show that they are interested or like to be social?

3-Postmenopausal: having undergone menopause.
2-Cultivating: to prepare and work on (land) in order to raise crops; till.
1-Vomeronasal: of or relating to the vomer andthe nasal region and especially to the vomeronasal organ or the vomeronasal cartilage

2*Literary Term :

2-Allusion : I refered the voice thing back to an old book my class read last year, Of Mice and Men which a character, Curley and his wife who is antoishingly pretty but with the ugliest voice ever. This is an example that I remembered and thought oh! it was just like that.. the ending.. she died. Sad but hey, she wanted to attact all the men on the ranch even though she was married.

2-Donuement: The losing of the book, to not let beauty pas right by you and in the world we stop this and just won't wait for it but rather make it come to us.

1*Overview Setence:
1- The conclusion of voice, beauty, and posture. It's all part of beauty and the process of humans trying to horn it. It's hard to sharpen ourselves but it'll be okay to take some time. The book ended with a sense of it can happen and possibility that beauty can coem forward to people like us.


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Survival of the Prettiest
The Science of beauty

Nancy Etcoff


1-By 1793, at the convention of 1793 made it official that a person either sex can wear whatever they please, and no one shall force any citizens. But fashion became democratized by the 19th century. One deisgner who came to emerged from the regular made stuff and all was Charles Frederick Worth, who opened his own shop. When Eugenie the wife of Napolean III brought a dress from there. From that time on, his shop was working non-stop for making clothes for the higher classes. He made everything with hand sitching and needles. Soon many other imitators opened shops around Paris as well.
2-Wow this is amazing section because it's all on designing and clothes which I have an aim for in life to do as well. I made the right choice picking out this book :] hahahha. I really want to become inspired at things yet not have been done. I really want to accomplish something else rather than doing the same old thing that everyone else have trying to achieve.
3-Designing labels, high fashion is not meant to have something no one else has (which i believe) but to own something that the rich has. (which i don't believe as stated). Anyhow when you buy a piece of garment you expect it to has a logo or the trademark it seems that people often rely on that piece of logo to express that they have fashion, by ownign a rich piece, Designers also do not wish to sell the item if their trademark is not the clothing, why? So they can have the credit and more consumers will arrive. But more than 25% of the designer glasses and watches in the US is fake, people now tend to buy fake products then the real actually which cause teh desigenrs themselves loosing around 200,000,000 now that's alot.
2-Now we're heading to bodies and the riches. When you compare two people with the same exact outfit you can tell who's rich. The one that tinner ( not that i believe it's just said in the book, and contrasting it to us). Well the rich are the ones who have enough moeny to maintain themselves. People often go into plastic sugery and flaunts about it. These people want the designer body as well as the designers clothes. All these aspects just to show they are rich.
1-Like models, models could be classified into the middle class or 1st class before they enter the circle of the fashion world. When they start to work as high leveled models, they join in with the wealthy aristocratics groups. They become thin to maintain the deigner look as well. and it requires alot of diet, training and hard work.

4- Why can't people accept who they are?
3- Does this mean that by making themselves look rich that they want to control or over the power of those who do not dress rich ?
2- How was Worth able to sew all the dresses togther by hand? wasn't the sewing machine invented yet?
1- How much would a dress cost durign those time? Would they use money or something else to trade?

1- Streamline: a teardrop line of contour offering the least possible resistance to a current of air, water, etc.
2- to go around or bypass: to circumvent the lake; to circumvent the real issues.
3-Animated: full of life, action, or spirit; lively; vigorous: an animated debate on the death penalty. (I think this was one of my vocab word this year in english class xD ahahha).

2*Literary Terms:
1- Allusion: Charles Worth, the guys who created a store in paris for the first time and became rich after everyone started to buy his clothes during the 17-800s.
2- metaphor: the way the riches were exactly the way the models were before they joined in the circle. it compares the models against the riches.

This section is about the starting to designing clothes in Europe particularlly Paris and how designers and people tend to like stuff with trademark and logos. Then we move along to body sizes and that it really matters if you can distinguish the difference between a person that's poor and a wealthier person by body size.

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ROAR #3 5-4-3-2-1

Sorry guys, double post! I didn't realize that the second post, when i clicked published button somehow it did not show up on my blog. Thank goodness there was the automatic saving thing that saved it into my draft box which gave me a bunch of relief. hehe Well this is the 3rd post for Survival of the Prettiest. There would be a squel of 2 more post after this and that will be the end of the book and due date. Which is this wed. so I have to cramp everything in for finals and studying and of course homework. I don't blame myself for procastinating so much since there is still work and everything but I should have planned this out a little earlier. I do apologize for keeping you guys wait, as if anyone actually come for help or read my blog but who knows :D . Anyhow Let's Get started while I'm replaying my latest addiction, Airto cover of Best I Ever Had (check it out onyoutube.) and like the usual DongBangShinKi music<3>

Survival of the Prettiest

The science of Beauty

Nancy Etcoff.


5- So here we are into the HAIR well the WHOLE hair section, wow I read alot of info sicne i'm VERY sensitive aboiut my hair. Usually with other areas like eyelash or eye browns tehy all have a purpose and so does hair but not a physical function to help your body but rather of attracting people to you. Good healthy hair attracts people. When you flip your hair or twist it, it means your are interested. (I' dont know how but it does seems to make sense.)

4- Isn't it interesting to know hair was once a form of art? People from europe usually have done this in past hundreds of years. Making the hair height to increase by FEETS! Having many hting splaced in it to make it as a huge scene of a battle or a picture. I always see this like women with curly hair and a huge POOF on top. I also notice in the eastern where asians would also do this like in the chinese dynasty and korean big hair bloop and japanese with the huge hair and accessories. It's pretty cool that they all had the same taste.

3-Long hair seems to be more attactive than shorter hair. ( this is not my opinion, just what is stated in the book. sorry those who have shorter hair). It creates the form of healthy shine, texture and so yeah. Your hair grow half an inch every month and that hair is a source to find your history. Now more scientist and doctors use hair analysis since it can provide all the info, hair last for years. It's not until 2 feet that it starts to fall out. So it's a good way to find our your health and all the medication you take.

2-Next we go into facial features. And one i foudn very true, women on the western liek men like a more muscular face while in asia women are attracted to men with a more of a baby face or hyper feminized or soften face. (I am one to tell this, I love JAEJOONG!! A member of DBSK who face is SOO ADORABLE, which I AM SOO ATTRACTED TO rather then those who are too stiff in facial featues.)

1- Gosh major headache coming... anyhow. There is a section which inform us about fleeting seduction. Like when we get excited or happy/blush our lips tends to turn redder and it shows what we're feeling. It is a way to seduce someone. Like eyes and pupils, we tend to like or be fond of peope with larger pupil without knowing so. If you photograph a person before and after with small and large pupils. You can not indenify it soon but you tend to fall for the photograph of a person with larger pupils.


4- Would you consider dying the hair bad? Considering that it response to our body healthy this would also affect the body doesn't it?
3- Is it true after menopause it's harder for women to grow their hair?
2-Is there any way to grow hair faster than that?
1-Wouldn't they need to have really long hair to maek all those things on their hair? wouldn't be difficult to do their daily stuff since it's so heavy?
3-Aperture: an opening, as a hole, slit, crack, gap, etc.
2-Vogue: (funny how i read Vogue all the time. one of my favv magazine and never knew what vogue ment... well i could have guessed but here's the definition). something in fashion, as at a particular time: Short hairdos were the vogue in the twenties.
1-empirical: derived from or guided by experience or experiment.
2* Literary Terms:
2- Like teh usual Allusion: Masami Yamaguchi and Hirukawa who invented the feminism look for men which are actually really attractive to asian girls. HAHAH
1- Denoument: The conclusion of face and hair and all that stuff.
1* Overview sentence:
1- This section refers back to hair and skin. The way men and women portray themselves in different regions and areas. It's amazing to see in the point of view in each culture who them seem to like and are attracted to the most. xD

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ROAR #2 5-4-3-2-1

HELLO! Here's the seconf post everyone's been waiting for, sorry for keeping you guys waiting. I've been so busy with test and projects for reviews on finals next week. But because of an extra week that my school laid off on me, school has just been busier than ever. Here's a little something for you guys and myself. :]

Survival of the Prettiest
The Science of Beauty

Nancy Etcoff


- Here is some science for you guys, skin and Hair! Everyone is born with beautiful skin and an average person would have 6lbs of skin and measures of 20 sq feet. And within every sq feet, sweat glands,oil glands and hair blood vessels and nerves that helps our skin stay healthy or repellent. Healthy skin is beautiful, unhealthy skin isn't. Hair is said to be only alluring when it is on the head. Hair else wise does not look good and could digust people. To me, it's true both hair and skin are very important features on a woman's body, esp me who like to keep my hair nicely and my skin wihtout acne which isn't coming too well.

2- The Next topic is nakeness and I'm going to skip that because there isn't much to explain to you guys, so I'll move onto Groomed. Like mothers of animals they liek to lick or groom their offsprings. For new borns, it is important to lick and groom them right after they are borned because for ex: pups without their mother's care could reduce the growth hormone and less ODC.

3- Again the trend of hair, like pubic hair which is often likely to be removed from the female body, like models who wax, they often wax on the areas of where skin could be shown for the exception of the head. It is then becoming the fashion extreme to have all the pubic hair to be removed. (what a pain.)

4- Next topic we have tattoos and others doings of the body. Tattoos wereto believed to orginated in Nubia,of the fouth century B.C. And it is still becoming popular now, to pirce a needle and inject dyes into your skin (sounds painful but... eh). A close relation would be piercing, piercing is everywhere (I have 8 xD) and is thought that people of years long ago would done the same. Otehr like feathers or bejeweled stuff on our body had increasing popular. As people do this to increase their attraction, they are really hurting their skin.

5-Face Paint! Well face paint partically belongs to the women world but like in Japan and Korean and China tehy al have been using this thick white face paint that creates the face to become WHITE. A chalky powder called oshiroi and made from rice flour and white lead. Japanese women value light skin so they hate freckles and believed in beautiful skin as in fair skin. However in the US, whitish-pinkish makeup has becoming mroe popular. I guess makeup is a big deal as well.

4* Questions
1-How were they able to guess/predict the amount of skin in a human's body? Don't tell me they actually took the skin of a person and like wieght it ><'' ewww..

2-why fair/white skin favorable over darker skin? i really like both skin color, the tones are very blend in.....esp in asia?...why? xD

3- I really care about my HAIR ALOOTTT, so how is there a way to keep my hair healthy and straight?

4- What do people use as dyes for tatoos? like where did the color come from?


1-torso: a sculptured form representing the trunk of a nude female or male figure.

2-tactile: of, pertaining to, endowed with, or affecting the sense of touch.

3-carapace: a bony or chitinous shield, test, or shell covering some or all of the dorsal part of an animal, as of a turtle.

2* Literary Terms:

1-Imagery: The image when they descirbe the asian women face after face paint, and another one from the tatooing desciption.

2-Allusion: Many reference to people again, of course this is a science book so there is alot reference, ex: Anne Hollander and her defintion of beign dress-up.


1- This section sums up about human and what tehy do to their body, tatoo, paint, pierce anythign that envolves engaged in their body.

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ROAR #1 5-4-3-2-1

:D this last term i only needed to post 5 posts so I hope you guys can take advantage of these last 5 posts. Well I'm gonna start here.

Survival of the Prettiest: The science of beauty

5* Comments:
1- I never really thought of beauty as relating to science before, it was amazing how the first page introducing can seduce me so much into reading what beauty is all about. For the first main section they ask "What is beauty?" and what I can tell you so far is there is no full definition for the word beauty. There is alot of refencinf to other literature works as well. Like she included the Oxford English dictionary of the "real" definition of beauty but she claims that it wasn't what beauty is suppose to be. I can tell she looking for the more clarification but to me I think it's how people claim beauty is to them, there is too many opinion and one can not decided weather "beauty" is the same for everyone.
2- Now many people know that beauty is sense from the mind not from your real body, as told in the book. And it's how people tend to jugde a person by their looks instead. you know when you hear people tell you, "your inner beauty" it more of a sense that can cause confusion and fustration to many girls, beauty can mean your beahvior or personality of just the way you look that creates an illusion for the person who is telling you that. Here there is a reference to Emily Dickinson (I have read some of her poems, they are great. Really recommend them if you haven't heard of her before even though she's kind of a creepy lady). Anyways, Nancy retells us that Emily was invision the imaginative of beauty while what she really does is stay in her attic. There are alot of reference going on about moer people, I'm nto so sure i have heard any of them but Danold Symons is involved, Kenneth Clark and Albrecht Durer.
3- She also refers models, usually seems to be the top beauties in front of audience, however there are many models who dislike themselves and are not happy the way they seem to be. Even if they have perfection in one area there are flaws that surrounds it as well. This is good way to make other seems like they're actaully normal people which I find myself as one of them. But they it's pretty cool to know that top models or beauties have such big flaws like we do, not to imply that maybe not every top beauties have them but....who knows?
4-Now here, beauty is being compared to a human's body. I find it a little bit unnecessary because there are other beautiful forms out there. As said (I'm just rephaseing but here) "A human body's is not like a tiger's figure or a snow landscape but the figurine of nude is what that dimay us and makes us want to perfect it. It's not really true in everyone's case.
5-In greek methology, there's alot of goddess that are described to be as beautiful that no one can be, no wonder there are so many references about greeks in this book. It's a good way to express the eager of how beauty really is. Amazing. Lots of mazaginese are included as well. I might as well check them out since it could help me to understand better at what Nancy is trying to prove to me.

1- Are the meanings and word of Beauty the same as Beautiful?
2- Who created this whoel discussion of beauty?
3- How can you study or find scienific evidence for what beauty is?
4- Who are all the people that were mentioned?!?! I have like no idea who some of them are. If I knew about them a little more I think I would be able to understand her statments better.

3* Vocabulary Words:
1- Perpetual: continuing or enduring forever; everlasting.
2- Tantamount:
equivalent, as in value, force, effect, or signification: His angry speech was tantamount to a declaration of war.
3-Anthropology: the science that deals with the origins, physical and cultural development, biological characteristics, and social customs and beliefs of humankind.

2* Literary Terms:
1- Allusion: There are so many allusions in the book. An example would be whatI'm learning now in English calss, The Odysessy. The starting of the kidnap of Helen, well Helen was refered in my book, how beautiful she as and taht was why people fell in love with ehr and other stuff.
2- Imagery: There's a lot of imagery as well too like the explaination on what a beautiful person would actually look like. I also started to daydream into my own little imagination world after I i read that section. LOl

1* Overview:
It basiclly introducing me into beauty and what it really is. And refered to lots of stuff to improvise the definition and meaning of beauty and hwo to achieve it. (it's not like I need it, I just thought it was interesting to read).